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Programs for Schools

Our schoolwide program, Schools Where We Belong, integrates student-centered teaching practices that embed these ideas throughout school culture and curriculum.

Schools are the foundation of just and democratic societies. Fulfilling these ideals requires the integration of civic learning and social-emotional development into classroom environments that nurture inclusivity, equity, and engagement.

Meets ESSA Standards

The Facing History and Ourselves approach meets ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) standards for Evidence Based SocialEmotional Learning Programs, one of eight middle school and only four high school programs to be recommended.

Our Promise

  • Students will gain analytical skills, empathy, tolerance, civic responsibility, and the belief that they can make a difference in the world. 
  • Teachers will be more confident and skilled at fostering students’ academic, civic, and social-emotional learning.
  • School Leaders will be equipped to shape and maintain a student-centered, brave, and inclusive school culture.
  • Classrooms and Schools will gain more equity mindsets, be respectful, reflective, and participatory–necessary conditions for deep learning.
“I appreciate the insight into SEL, social justice, and equity; it helped me think of ways to improve my instruction, classroom, and most importantly, impact students.”
— Schools Where We Belong workshop attendee

CASEL Recognizes Facing History

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has recognized Facing History as one of only nine middle or high school SEL programs that has a proven impact on students, including increased empathy or more prosocial behavior. CASEL has also recognized Facing History for integrating issues of race/ethnicity into regular social studies and language arts instruction in its analysis of how to integrate SEL and issues of equity.

Our Solution

We will partner with you to develop a self-sustaining program to identify and advance your school’s goals; nurture teachers' professional learning and growth; and motivate young people to recognize their own agency and responsibility to combat hatred and bigotry and change the world for the better.

A flexible two-year partnership, which includes:

  • High-quality instructional materials and tools for ELA and social studies teachers
  • Professional learning and coaching
  • Leadership development and consulting
  • Support for continuous improvement
“Thank you for offering this exploratory workshop. It is the perfect example of supports Facing History can offer a school/district.”
— Exploration workshop attendee

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